Works by Pedro Rabassa (1683-1767), Juan Pascual Valdivia (c. 1737-1811) y Juan Manuel González Gaitán (1716-1804)

Seville  Baroque Orchestra (Dir. Enrico Onofri)

Julia Doyle (soprano), Carlos Mena (countertenor), Alejandro Casal (harpsichord)


The Seville Baroque Orchestra explores a magnificent repertoire linked to the history of Andalusia. In this new publication, entitled Astro Nuevo, we rediscover works by Pedro Rabassa (1683-1767). Faithful musical companion of the orchestra, conductor Enrico Onofri proves once again that he can revive completely forgotten music, as if it had just been composed for the orchestra. The result is brilliant, precise and utterly convincing. The Seville Baroque Orchestra is accompanied on this record by Julia Doyle (soprano) and Carlos Mena (countertenor) as soloists. Rabassa’s Sonata, written before 1724, is included. It is one of the few examples of keyboard sonatas that have come down to us from the first half of the 18th century.

Portada álbum Astro Nuevo - Alejandro Casal


1. Pedro Rabassa (1683-1767)
Astro Nuevo. Cantata Al Santísimo con violines

2. Aleph. Ego vir videns.
Lamentación 3ª de Viernes Santo a solo con violines (1766)

3. Juan Pascual Valdivia (c. 1737-1811)
Si Recatada, si traslúcida. Área A Solo con violines para tiple
(de la Cantada A del brillante cóncavo, 1763)

4. Pedro Rabassa
Corred, Corred, Pastores.
Villancico al Nacimiento De Cristo para tiple solo con violines (1745)

5. Juan Manuel González Gaitán (1716-1804)
Eternamente Triste. Cantada a solo a la Purísima Concepción para soprano, violines, trompas y acompañamiento (1762)

Pedro Rabassa

Sonata Para clave (c. 1724)

6. Giusto
7. Allegro
8. Adagio
9. Allegro

10. Juan Manuel González Gaitán
Voy buscando a mi cordero. Cantada a solo al Santísimo Sacramento para tiple, violines y acompañamiento (1764)

Orquesta Barroca de Sevilla (Dir. Enrico Onofri)
Julia Doyle, soprano
Carlos Mena, alto
Alejandro Casal, harpsichord